On 5 September 2016, from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM, the University of Rzeszow hosted a conference “Integrated university management system as a tool for cooperation with schools, employers and businesses”, during which the results of several years’ modernization of management tools and procedures applicable at the University of Rzeszow were presented. The fruitful cooperation between the University of Rzeszow and its business partners: Public Consulting Group, Partners in Progress and OPTeam, allowed to elaborate a model for establishing a long-term, committed relationship between the University and the students.

During the conference, distinctions: Golden Buckles of the University of Rzeszow were presented to upper secondary schools and companies cooperating with the University of Rzeszow. The award ceremony was preceded by substantive lectures given by experts in education, higher education and business.

The event was opened by Professor Aleksander Bobko, PhD, Secretary of States at the Ministry of Science and Social Education and Professor Czesław Puchalski, head of the project on the part of the University of Rzeszow.

Marek Legutko, the first Director of the Central Examination Board and currently an expert at PCG Polska and Partners in Progress, gave a lecture on the type of university applicants which the University of Rzeszow needs in order to perform its mission efficiently.

Then, the head of the University of Rzeszow Career Centre, Ms Karolina Niemiec, presented the profile of graduates of the University of Rzeszow, and Mr Kamil Kipiel of the ProInventum foundation discussed the potential possibilities of business cooperation for the University of Rzeszow in the B+R area.

The implementation of the integrated management system at the University of Rzeszow, its aspects and experiences related thereto were presented from two perspectives – university one, by Professor Czesław Puchalski, and a business one – by Mr Leszek Lewoc of Partners in Progress (PCG Polska Group) and Mr Maciej Stanisławczyk of OPTeam S.A.

The culmination of the conference was the lecture given by Professor Tomasz Sułkowski, PhD, Vice-President of the Polish Accreditation Commission, who presented the possible uses of data from the integrated management system in the accreditation process.

We would like to thank all the guests for their attendance.