According to the latest recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, classes and examinations at Polish universities will be carried out remotely until at least the end of the current academic year.

Therefore emerges the question how to quickly organize and conduct remote teaching and remote examination for thousands of students, while ensuring the security, scalability and reliability of the tools used?

To meet the challenges related to the coronavirus epidemic in Poland, PCG Academia in cooperation with its partners Blackboard and INSPERA, has prepared a Pilot Program exclusively tailored to the needs and capabilities of Polish universities.

Under the pilot program, Polish universities will gain access to the Blackboard Learn Ultra e-learning platform and the INSPERA platform for electronic examination of students at preferential price conditions for a period of six months.

Solutions offered in the Pilot Program:

Blackboard Learn Ultra is the most popular distance learning platform in the world, trusted by millions of users in 90 countries around the world. The application does not require installation and is fully accessible through a web browser. Blackboard Learn Ultra enables the implementation of all aspects of the teaching process in electronic form, including:

  • Conducting classes via videoconferencing;
  • Posting teaching materials in a quick and intuitive way;
  • Calendar for planning teaching activities;
  • Attendance controlled by educators and administration;
  • Assessment, examination and classification of students;
  • Prevention of plagiarism thanks to the built-in originality testing tool;
  • Repository for storing and cataloging teaching materials;
  • Reporting of all activities related to the conducting classes;
  • Personalization of classes thanks to automated content differentiation;
  • Close integration with the Microsoft Teams, used by the vast majority of universities in Poland to conduct classes in the form of videoconferences;
  • Native mobile applications that make it easy to work and learn from anywhere;
  • Full data security and compliance with the GDPR

INSPERA is a web application that enables safe electronic examination of students. The INSPERA platform – developed in cooperation with the University of Oslo and has implemented in 70 European universities – enables planning and conducting of all aspects of student examinations, including:

  • Scheduling of exams with a calendar;
  • Creating questions including multiple choice, quiz, formulas and code compilation;
  • Supervision over the examination via the examiner’s control panel;
  • Electronic exam grading and feedback;
  • Constant progress record on servers;
  • Storing students’ works in an electronic archive.

Terms of Pilot Program

As part of the pilot program, PCG Academia and its partners offer:

  • six-month access to the Blackboard Learn Ultra and/or the INSPERA
  • Launch of tools at the university in the Software as a Service model
  • Training sessions for users

Blackboard prices

  • Access to the Blackboard Learn Ultra platform for up to 5,000 users (students and lecturers) is offered at a special price of PLN 59,000.00 net.

INSPERA prices

The price of access to Inspera system depends on the number of students at the university or faculty:

  • Up to 3,000 students – PLN 23,000.00 net
  • From 3,000 up to 7,000 students – PLN 46,000.00 net
  • Over 7,000 students – PLN 69,000.00 net

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Director for Channel Partnerships
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