We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Anna Pałyga, Head of the Center for Innovation in Teaching at the Kozminski University in Warsaw, became the Brand Ambassador of Inspera in Poland. The Ambassador will promote the best practices in a digital assessment and an implementation of new technologies for e-learning.

At the Kozminski University Anna Pałyga is responsible for the implementation of new educational technologies, including solutions supporting online education and remote examination.

Kozminski University is one of the top best computerized and managed universities in Poland. In 2017 the Inspera digital assessment platform was implemented at Kozminski and integrated with the PCG Academia’s student information system. The integration ensures efficient data exchange between the Examination Center and the Dean’s Office and is also a great facilitation for students and teachers who can, for example, log into Inspera with the same credentials as in other university systems.

The Norwegian company Inspera is a long-time partner of PCG Academia. Inspera provides software for digital assessment of students, ensuring safety and transparency of online exams. Inspera created its examination solution in cooperation with the University of Oslo, one of the best Scandinavian universities. So far, the Inspera system has been implemented in 70 universities throughout Europe.

What makes Inspera solution so popular is in particular its ease of use, scalability and comprehensiveness. Inspera is a web application – it’s provided as a service, does not require installation, and works simply in a web browser. This allows teachers to conduct exams through various devices: desktop computers, laptops or tablets.

On the platform universities can manage all aspects of student assessment, including exams planning, creating questions, supervising course of the exam, evaluating student works and providing feedback. Inpera solution also enables constant saving of students’ progress on servers and storing students’ written works in an electronic archive.

The implementation of the Inspera system allowed Kozminski University to standardize the examination conditions for all students, accelerate the process of assessment, improve communication between the teacher and the student and, last but not least, greatly secure exams – the number of cheating cases at exams was reduced by 70%.


How to successfully switch to digital assessment and how to run a fruitful implementation? We encourage you to contact Anna Pałyga, Brand Ambassador for Inspera in Poland.

Anna Pałyga, Brand Ambassador for Inspera, Head of the Center for Innovation in Teaching, Kozminski University