The aim of Academy of Innovation 2020 is to provide an opportunity for university leaders interested in pro-quality management of the university to meet with global and national leaders in the area of IT and consulting solutions for higher education institutions (HEIs). The Academy will take place on 9th February 2018 in Warsaw under the honorary patronage of the Polish Rectors Foundation and President of Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland Prof. Jan Szmidt, Rector of Warsaw University of Technology, what proves the highest quality of the event.

Academy of Innovation 2020 will position the spotlight firmly on innovative consulting and technology solutions that can have a real impact on the quality of higher education and management of HEIs. The presented advantageous technologies will be even more beneficial in the near future, giving the context of EU funds available until 2020 and currently undergoing reform of higher education in Poland.

The new law – Law 2.0 as the Ministry of Science and Higher Education named it – grants universities with significant levels of autonomy. The strategic competitive advantage will be achieved by those universities whose leaders will be able to manage them wisely, which can be accomplished when strategically important management and didactic decisions are made on the basis of reliably collected and analyzed data. For this however you need the right tools.

Our estimations shows that Polish universities invested more than 200 million of zlotys for the development and implementation of SIS and ERP solutions in the last decade only. The investments did not translate directly into improvement of teaching or scientific research quality. The challenge of building integrated IT ecosystems in universities that support decision making is still ahead of us.

Academy of Innovation 2020 is intended to be a forum for the debate on this challenge. It will also include the presentation of modern technologies that brings significant support for overcoming said challenge. Among the guests invited  by PCG there are key decision-makers in the area of IT purchase and development from the leading Polish universities, executives of Polish and global brands providing proven solutions to universities and experts in the area of EU funding acquisition.

Participants of the event will get familiar with solutions supporting the delivery of key processes such as recruitment of optimally matched candidates, student retention, skillful introduction of students to the labor market and accreditation. In addition to the presentation the university representatives will also have a unique opportunity for individual consultations with technology providers and experts in the area of EU funding acquisition.

We encourage you to take a closer look at our agenda and actively participate in the Academy of Innovation 2020.


Download Academy of Innovation 2020 agenda