On 14 and 15 November, at the initiative of PCG Academia, the second edition of the conference Leaders in University Management LUMEN 2016 was held in Warsaw. During the conference, the heads of the three teams selected in a government competition made the first joint presentation regarding the assumptions of Act 2.0. 200 guests gathered to listen to Professor Hubert Izdebski (SWPS), Professor Marek Kwiek (UAM) and Arkadiusz Radwan, PhD (Allerhand Institute) discuss the competing visions for the development of higher education in Poland. The debate was moderated by Jerzy Woźnicki, President of the Polish Rectors Foundation.

Furthermore, LUMEN conference established itself as a forum for debate and exchange of experiences in the key areas of university management. For two days, close to 30 practitioners representing scientific and business circles discussed topics related to student enrolment and retention, data analytics and reporting and university accreditation. In 2016, the partners and organizers of the LUMEN conference were joined by Microsoft Polska and the Polish Rectors Foundation headed by Professor Jerzy Woźnicki. “Rzeczpospolita” journal became the media patron of the event.

Winners of distinctions in the “Educational Analytics at Universities” project

The conference was also to draw attention to the key, yet often underrated, issue of cooperation between universities and secondary schools. Its significance was confirmed by the results of the pilot study regarding the enrolment of university applicants and their academic careers presented during LUMEN 2016. The project entitled “Educational Analytics at Universities” consisted in analysis of data of 144,000 university students (10% of the population) who attended one of the ten selected universities between 2007 and 2012. In the course of the analysis, ten secondary schools which provided the best applicants for studies at the universities participating in the study were identified. To express their gratitude, the authorities of universities participating in the project presented the headmasters of the relevant schools with honorary distinctions during the gala evening.

University participating in the pilot project Rewarded school
1 Kozminski University Ruy Barbosa 50th General Secondary School with integration sections in Warsaw
2 Cracow University of Technology Complex of Secondary Technical Schools of Communication Technology in Cracow
3 Wrocław University of Science and Technology Adam Mickiewicz 3rd General Secondary School in Wrocław
4 Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences Silesian Piasts 2nd General Secondary School in Wrocław
5 Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan Dąbrówka 2nd General Secondary School in Gniezno
6 University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn Common Europe 5th General Secondary School in Olsztyn
7 Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw Józef Piłsudski 1st General Secondary School in Garwolin
8 SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities Danuta “Inka” Siedzikówna 1st General Secondary School in Wrocław
9 State Higher Vocational School in Ciechanów Adam Mickiewicz 2nd School Complex in Ciechanów
10 State Higher Vocational School in Gniezno Bolesław Chrobry 1st General Secondary School in Gniezno


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