Digitization of universities' processes and documentation workflows with WEBCON BPS

    • Date: October 28th, 2022
    • Time: 1-2 pm CEST
    • Magda Sochacka
    • Ewa Makowska-Tłomak
    • Anna Warda-Ritzen
    This is a past event

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    About the Event

    Universities, much like companies, everyday process enormous amounts of documents, from students’ documentation, through HR-related paperwork and invoices, to research and grant management documentation. Much of this documentation is handled on paper and processed manually, or in functional systems that are disconnected, and do not offer expected operational efficiencies.

    On the webinar, we would like to present the solution that PCG Academia created in response to those challenges. Based on WEBCON BPS, an enterprise low-code application platform for digitizing business processes, we have built unique electronic document workflows, adapted to the specific needs of Higher Ed organizations. Our solution enables a university to digitize virtually any process at any department, including student documentation workflow, Erasmus without Paper, HR processes, invoicing, research data collection and many others. WEBCON BPS, the pillar of our solution, is used by over 650 companies and organizations worldwide and has been proven to accelerate processes by as much as 87%.

    On the webinar you will find out more about WEBCON BPS, its low-code technology that enables creating workflows without code development, and the InstantChangeTM technology thanks to which changes to the process or workflow can be implemented in an instant. We will also talk about WEBCON’s  high integration capabilities that enable us to connect it to a university’s IT ecosystem, eliminating a lot of manual data entry. Moreover, we will discuss integration of WEBCON with Microsoft applications thanks to which the system can create a seamless working environment with Teams, Outlook and even Power Platform.

    We will conclude the webinar with a demo of workflows built by PCG Academia with WEBCON technology, so you can see for yourself how easy it is and what efficiencies our solution can bring to your organization.

    10 reasons why our workflows based on Webcon are the right solution for your organization:

    • The workflows can be created and modified without code development and by staff with no programming skills – you can give back control to the process owners and make your university more agile
    • The InstantChangeTM technology enables any changes to the process or workflow to be implemented instantly – the processes can be continuously improved on the spot and without extra costs
    • The system users highly value its user-friendly, intuitive interfaces – it will not take a lot of time for your staff to become comfortable with WEBCON, and start creating the workflows on their own
    • Short implementation times – you do not need to plan a long, costly implementation project, in fact the system and workflows, can be deployed within as little as 4 weeks
    • The system is integrated with Microsoft applications and can create a seamless working environment with Teams, Outlook and even PowerPlatform – you can keep the tools you know and benefit from handling your processes from any app at your fingertips
    • WEBCON can be integrated with ERP, HR, CRM and other systems – you can transfer some of your processes from those tools to WEBCON to gain efficiencies where possible
    • The system can be integrated with services for e-signature authorization, including Autenti and DocuSign – you can make even your most formalized processes truly digital
    • The system is available in multiple languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Polish; new languages can be easily added – no matter what language you speak, we can make Webcon work for you
    • The system can support Erazmus without Paper – if you are one of the many universities that have not yet figured out how to process Erasmus documentation digitally, you may find your answer with Webcon
    • Organizations that deploy WEBCON can achieve 113% return on investment within 3 years and accelerate their business processes by 87% – you can gain efficiencies and turn your costs into savings starting from day one


    • Magda Sochacka
    • Ewa Makowska-Tłomak

      Passionate about WEBCON BPS solutions, at PCG Academia Ewa is the leader of the e-Services implementation team for the Polish Higher Education sector. She has extensive experience in running IT projects and developing IT products, in particular based on the WEBCON BPS platform. In 2019, she was awarded the title of Digital Transformation Leader by WEBCON.

      Ewa is currently a PhD student at Intercollegiate, Interdisciplinary ICT & Psychology Studies (co-run by SWPS and PJATK universities). She has graduated from University of Economics in Krakow with a Masters Degree, and is as a certified project manager and business analyst – she holds AgilePM®, Agile BA® Practitioner and IPMA certificates.

    • Anna Warda-Ritzen

      At PCG Academia Anna Warda-Ritzen works at the meeting point of global leaders in the EdTech industry and top Polish universities. She specializes in remote learning and process digitization solutions provided by Blackboard, Inspera and WEBCON BPS. Working in various sectors, in Poland and the Netherlands, she gained extensive knowledge of business analysis in IT and the process of implementing IT solutions. She discovered her passion in the area of IT in education, and continuously develops and shares her expertise in this field.