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    • Date: 28 february 2023 Podcast available on YouTube and Spotify
    • Prof. Łukasz Sułkowski
      Prof. Łukasz Sułkowski
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    Podcast mission

    Digital transformation, which has been developing for several decades, is radically changing modern societies, economies, including the world of organizations. Universities are no exception. Managing knowledge, information and data is a fundamental challenge for leaders and stakeholders of academic organizations around the world.

    This applies to all mission streams. Science management allows for shaping the strategic directions of university research, as well as effective talent management. Teaching, especially after the pandemic, is increasingly using digital, hybrid and e-learning methods of education. The third mission leads to the development of remote communication and various forms of digital cooperation between the university and the environment.

    Meeting the challenges of competition and digital transformation requires a creative organizational approach at the strategic, tactical and operational levels.

    The purpose of the podcast is to debate these complex issues of digital transformation of the university. The interlocutors of prof. Łukasz Sułkowski will be leaders of thought and organization of the academic world.

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    Podcast #13

    AI Assistance in Academic Writing: Chat GPT 

    In the 13th episode of the Digital University podcast, Prof. Łukasz Sułkowski talks about Chat GPT – one of the hottest technology trends lately – and how it can be used by researchers in their work.

    Chat GPT is one of the Generative AI, which are artificial intelligence tools capable of generating new texts or images. Artificial intelligence is already capable of writing essays and supporting the writing of scholarly articles and books. This raises obvious ethical issues. What attitude should the academic community take toward AI? Guidelines in using Generative AI in research papers should discussed and promoted to ensure ethical use of Natural Language Processing techniques in academia.

    As an introduction to this discussion, Prof. Łukasz Sułkowski presents applications of Chat GPT to academic writing. The tool was instructed to generate ideas and content for a book on leadership. We observe how the tool handles the tasks set before it, such as creating a title, proposing a table of contents, generating sources and footnotes or even writing an entire subchapter. Prof. Sułkowski even asks Chat GPT to design a study on leadership styles and to undertake a systematic literature review.

    Are the results of AI’s work satisfactory? How different is the text generated by AI from the text written by a human? See for yourself in the video.

    AI assistance in academic writing digital university podcast


    • Prof. Łukasz Sułkowski
      Prof. Łukasz Sułkowski

      Prof. Łukasz Sułkowski is a professor of economics and a professor of humanities specializing in management in higher education. He heads the Department of Management of Higher Education Institutions at the Jagiellonian University, he is also a professor at Clark University and the Social Academy of Sciences. In the years 2012-2018 he was a member of the PKA, where he was, among others, Vice-President responsible for international cooperation. In 2016-2017, he participated in the work of the committee evaluating the selection of teams preparing drafts of Act 2.0. Author of over 300 publications. Implementer of numerous research grants, led, among others, project “Organizational improvement of universities of the future UNIFUT.PL” (2017-2019). Member of international organizations and associations, e.g. American Academy of Management and European Academy of Management. In 2017, he became the President of the Management Board of PCG Polska.