LUMEN 2015
23rd November

Leaders in University Management

Special thanks to the participants and partners of the 1st LUMEN Conference 2015!

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LUMEN awards were first presented in 2015, at the initiative of Public Consulting Group (PCG), to rectors, managers and teams from 12 Polish universities. The award gala accompanied the first Leaders in University Management Conference – LUMEN 2016, attended by over 200 representatives of the Polish higher education sector, as well as foreign guests. Honorary patronage over the event was assumed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the National Centre for Research and Development, the Foundation for the Development of the Education System and the Perspektywy Education Foundation.

The first edition of the LUMEN competition was received enthusiastically by the academic community and confirmed the need for such initiatives in our country. In 2015, 169 competition applications were submitted from 65 universities, including 50 public and 15 private ones. The contestants competed in five categories: “University Management”, “Innovativeness”, “Outreach”, “Infrastructure” and “Internationalization”. The winners in each category were selected by the competition board, composed of acclaimed academics, scientists and businessmen, chaired by Professor Michał Kleiber. During the first stage, the Competition Board selected 26 nominees and next, 12 winners were selected from among them.

University Management

  • Prof. Witold Bielecki
    Kozminski University

    He implemented new mechanisms for managing the growth of the university, based on project management. During his tenure, the university was awarded marks of distinction from the Polish Accreditation Committee for three fields of study: Management, Administration and Law. He created the Centre of Excellence, in charge of postgraduate education and of cooperation with the business environment. His efforts placed Kozminski University at leading positions in the national and international rankings.

  • Prof. Ryszard Górecki
    University of Warmia and Mazury

    He succeeded in merging and integrating three universities. He expanded UWM, created 14 new majors and opened the Faculty of Medicine. He created and implemented the first “Green University” project in Poland. He improved the university’s scientific position by obtaining new PhD granting capabilities. He promotes internationalization and launched a common major for UWM and the Offenburg University.

  • Prof. Paweł Górski
    Medical University of Lodz

    He introduced process management principles which enable flexible response to economic and social changes. He implemented project approach and efficient management of university funds and other resources. He efficiently reorganized the clinical base of the university by consolidating hospitals and launching the Clinical and Didactic Centre. The strategy resulted in an increase in the university’s research achievements and the improvement of its scientific position.

  • Prof. Henryk Krawczyk
    Gdansk University of Technology

    He consistently implements the SMART University strategy. He consolidated the position of GUT as a developer of new technologies. He created modern technical infrastructure for educating “Engineers of the Future”. He implemented an efficient business cooperation model based on teams comprising scientists and businesspeople. He promotes innovativeness, GUT obtains 21265 patents every year.

  • Prof. Janusz Moryś
    Medical University of Gdansk

    He implemented changes in university management based on the integration of organizational and educational efforts and on an innovative approach to scientific and research technology. It was reflected in MUG’s achievements: the university boasts the highest percentage of foreign students in the country, the Faculty of Pharmacy with Subfaculty of Laboratory Medicine achieved KNOW Status and the Invasive Medicine Centre was built in record-breaking 4 years.

  • Małgorzata Wróblewska
    SWPS University

    She played a significant role in the university obtaining (in June 20015) the status of the first non-public university in Poland authorized to use the term “Uniwersytet” in its name. She implemented a university management system with the organizational and business division supporting the didactic and scientific division in performing high-class research and didactics. She implemented a faculty activity budgeting system which ensued the financial stability of the university. She heads the works of the Board of Directors.


  • Prof. Stanisław Chwirot
    Nicolaus Copernicus University

    He established the NCU Quantum Optics Center, including a new “intelligent” building equipped with modern scientific equipment. 20863 students and 21271 doctoral students use the five new laboratories and teaching infrastructure. The implementation of QOC has strengthened the position of the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Informatics and the Institute of Physics as leading scientific institutions in Poland. The team also includes Prof. Ireneusz Grabowski and Prof. Włodzimierz Jaskólski.

  • Prof. Stanisław Wincenciak
    Warsaw University Of Technology

    He manages the implementation of the project “Warsaw Technological Space – Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer Management”. This unique area for cooperation between science and business is equipped with advanced IT infrastructure. It provides workplaces for 21219 people, and space for over 20667 people to participate temporary activities relative to innovation management and technology transfer. The Centre comprises research, technology, implementation and promotional functions.


  • Jacek Firlej, PhD
    Wrocław University of Technology

    Together with the Wrocław Technology Transfer Centre team at the Wrocław University of Technology, he elaborated a process of commercialization of results of the scientific research performed at the university. The implemented system, based on a process approach, streamlines the commercialization process and boosts its efficiency, benefiting both the inventors and the purchasers. The system is based on the best international models.


  • Prof. Grzegorz Mazurek
    Kozminski University

    He develops and merges the university processes of internationalization, which is the key element of Kozminski University strategy. Ever since the creation of the university, the essential element of its program and strategy was the internationalization of students, staff, didactics and scientific research. The results are excellent. Kozminski is the most internationalized university in Poland, the only one from our country in the leading positions of international rankings.

  • Prof. Katarzyna Pernal
    Lodz University Of Technology

    She implemented the concept of the LUT International Doctoral School, which enables to write a PhD thesis in an international environment, in English, in a flexible manner tailored to individual needs. The creation of the IDS increases the internationalization of Polish universities by attracting foreigners wishing to conduct doctoral research projects in Poland.


  • Prof. Włodzimierz Nykiel
    University of Lodz

    He supported the launch of the “VIP Graduate” mentorship program, designed to develop the personal and professional potential of the most gifted students and to provide them with support from the most acclaimed graduates of the university, successful scientists, businesspeople, politicians and artists. The program is implemented by the team of the University of Lodz Career and Employer Cooperation Centre.

Venue and date

The Leaders in University Management Conference will take place on

November 23, 2016 Warsaw


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