student success

Early identification of students at-risk of dropping out

The application calculates probability of a successful completion of the selected course of study based on the current and historical data on the student’s engagement in the educational process.


Everything you need to know about your Students

  • Flexible defining of the key performance indicators for individual groups and programs of studies
  • Advanced notification mechanism informing instructors and administration about the students at-risk of dropping out
  • Dynamic edition of charts and reports, intuitive presentation of data
student success screen 3
student success screen 2

A system that gets smarter over time

  • Automated generation of suggested improvement actions based on historical data
  • Self-assessment of students against the total population, the year, the group, or the program of studies
  • Editable students’ panel

Pieces of information about the Students coming together in a single app

  • Integration with any data source about the students (systems, applications, excel spreadsheets).
  • Export of data to the external BI solution
student success screen

Everyone benefits

  • Administration
    • Increased percentage of students timely graduating from a selected program of studies
    • Knowledge base allowing for better shaping of the educational offer
    • Feedback on quality of teaching
  • Teachers
    • Early identification of at-risk students requiring individualized support
    • Ability to advise students based on factual data
    • Feedback from students enabling professional development and growth of the instructors
  • Students
    • Quick assessment of the probability of graduating on time
    • Opportunity to receive individualized support from the university
    • Additional motivation to improve outcomes

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