mobile app

Flawless communication between the university’s administration, instructors, and students.

The application is delivered to the universities in the Software as a Service model, with all the necessary updates to constantly changing mobile OS.

mobile app

Students, instructors and university administration in constant contact

  • “Push” notifications on all relevant events in the system
  • Integrated workflow management of student documentation
  • Communication through e-mail and text messages or announcements
mobile app screen
mobile app screen

Data exchange and close integration with the university’s IT ecosystem

  • Integration with any Student Information System available on the market
  • Schedule integrated with the calendar on Student’s phone
  • Catalogue of students and teachers with pictures and search options

Tailor-made functionality and visual identification of the application

  • Look and feel of the application consistent with the university’s brand book
  • Tailor-made functionalities available per individual request of the university
  • Ability to switch between the programs of studies and roles (teacher/ student)
  • Ability to switch between multiple programs of studies and language versions
mobile app screen

Everyone benefits

  • Administration
    • Integrated workflow management of student documentation
    • Quick and easy access to students and teachers
    • Lower costs of development and maintenance in the SaaS model
  • Teachers
    • Ability to type in grades or attendance and quickly access key information
    • “Push” notifications on all relevant events in the system
    • Better communication with the students and university administration
  • Students
    • Easy access to all of the key information including: schedule, grades, or tuition
    • Tools for processing administrative requests with the university
    • Ability to switch between multiple programs of studies and language versions

Discover all educloud products

  • Management
  • Relations
  • Education
  • deans office
    Dean’s Office

    effective management of education processes in compliance with the law and based on best practices in higher education management.

  • e-services

    flexible design of document workflows based on student data coming from any Student Information System available on the market.

  • mobile app
    Mobile App

    improved communication between the university, instructors and students. Application delivered in a Software as a Service model.

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  • analytics

    strategic decision-making and reporting inside and outside of the university based on Power BI technology provided by Microsoft.

  • cdiploma

    Verification of the authenticity of diplomas and certificates issued by universities

  • prerekrutacja

    reaching out to candidates for studies during their final year in high school, when they determine exams they want to take during the Matura.

  • rekrutacja

    from electronic registration, through automatic calculation of points, generating ranking lists, and enrolling candidates into the programs.

  • retencja
    Student Success

    early identification of students at-risk of dropping out of the selected program of study based on data coming from a variety of data sources.

  • biuro karier
    Alumni Success

    supporting students and graduates in connecting with the labor market opportunities and launching a successful professional career

  • blackboard learn
    Blackboard Learn Ultra

    complete environment for distant learning that supports communications, progress monitoring and individualized instruction.

  • blackboard collaborate logo small
    Blackboard Collaborate

    is a convenient and modern platform for video conferencing and remote collaboration. It enables the provision of online classes for students in real time

  • ally
    Blackboard Ally

    improved accessibility and attractiveness of the educational content shared through e-learning platforms, including Moodle.

  • ally
    Blackboard Ally for Websites

    Greater accessibility and attractiveness of learning materials published on university’s websites.

  • open lms
    Open LMS

    instant impact on the quality of learning experience for Moodle-based instruction – without revolutionary changes for teachers and administrators.

  • inspera

    organizing, monitoring and assessing digital exams through a secure, web-based application.

  • inspera
    Inspera Remote Exam

    Securing the remote examination process