Inspera is one of the fastest growing platforms for secure, digital assessment of students in the world, used by the University of Oxford, among others. For four years PCG Academia has been an exclusive distributor of Inspera system on Polish education market and has a number of successful implementations completed for such schools as Kozminski University or WSB University. Every year, with the help of Inspera, universities and educational institutions from all over the world conduct hundreds of thousands of electronic exams. Here is how Inspera did in 2021!

The number of exams completed on Inspera platform doubled year-on-year, from 2.5 million exams in 2020 to 5 million exams in 2021.

Inspera supports sustainability efforts at universities. Inspera customers saved 91 million sheets of paper in 2021.

Inspera’s biggest customer has delivered 577.000 exams so far in 2021.

Some of Inspera’s biggest customers have up to 800 candidates per exam.

The highest number of exams delivered in one day was 22.000 exams across 54 different institutions.

The highest number of exams delivered in one day at a single institution was 11,000.

Inspera is used by educational institutions in 19 countries across 5 continents.

Students from over 160 countries have taken an exam within Inspera.