PCG Academia constitutes an integral part of the global consulting company, Public Consulting Group. Our mission is to provide efficient consulting and technological solutions supporting the universities in improving management by making decisions based on reliable data and analytic tools.

Our competitive advantage is based on the following strategic distinctive features:


Global consulting company
with considerable business potential

  • Financial and organizational stability and committed owner – Public Consulting Group Inc. of Boston.
  • Guaranty of continuous development inspired by global trends on the education market.
  • 2000 consultants, including 200 in Poland.


Seasoned partner for universities

  • We service 60 universities and process the data of close to half a million students.
  • Ability to integrate and to analyse each SIS and ERP available on the market.
  • Strategic partner of the Polish Rectors Foundation and of Kozminski University.


Bridging the gap between universities
and the university applicant market

  • Proven methodology of data processing with regard to student enrolment and retention.
  • Active relationships with almost 10,000 schools and access to 380,000 upper secondary school graduates through the Synergia system.

Integrating university management communities

  • Originator and organizer of the LUMEN competition and conference.
  • Initiator of research projects conducted under the patronage of the Polish Rectors Foundation.



PCG Academia is created by a team of qualified specialists in the area of ​​higher education, educational analytics and IT. Thanks to the fact that PCG Academia is part of a global consulting company Public Consulting Group, we operate based on the knowledge and experience of international experts.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality consulting and technological solutions that improve the effectiveness of university management.

We believe that the effectiveness of the university management process makes the basis for creating the optimal conditions for providing high-quality education and for carrying out research characterized by scientific excellence. That is why our solutions and IT tools allow university leaders to use the benefits of data analytics and base the decision process on reliable facts and evidence (evidence-based management).

The Business Intelligence class systems available in our offer allow for the analysis of large data sets that each and every university possess and for creating reports on various areas of activity of higher education institutions. The use of our big data analysis tools will allow each management leader to transform data into knowledge applicable in practice, resulting in better management decision making and increasing the competitiveness of their own university.

At PCG Academia we are keenly interested in current issues of higher education and the latest research in this area. We take care to respond to both the current needs of the university and the future-facing challenges posed by the rapidly changing socio-economic and legal environment. We engage in the debate on current issues and the process of transformation in higher education (Act 2.0). By organizing the LUMEN Conference and Competition, we co-create with you a platform for exchanging best management and administrative practices at universities.

We have experience in creating solutions for 60 universities in Poland and 5 universities abroad. In our work, we guide ourselves by a reliable data analysis and analysis of the university's needs in order to select solutions that optimize processes specific to particular universities and increase their competitiveness.

Our interest is also reflected in the IT solutions and services we offer, such as the University 10 system, and our initiatives, in particular the regularly held LUMEN Conference and Competition and Academy of Innovation for Universites, which have already earned recognition of university management leaders.